Non NHS Private Fees

Private (non-NHS) Services

Some of the services we provide are not part of the National Health Service. These services are not available under the NHS and we charge fees in accordance with BMA recommendations.

The following is a sample list of the various services available.

Medical Examination

  • Insurance medicals  Pre-Employment Medicals
  • HGV, PSV
  • Aviation Medicals[JAR Class 2]
  • Elderly Drivers
  • Fitness to Travel
  • Fitness to attend school


  • BUPA/PPP forms etc.
  • Sickness/Accident benefit claim
  • Employers report and opinion


  • Private Sick Line
  • Vaccination Certificate
  • Holiday Cancellation Forms
  • Fitness to Travel

Medical examination appointments are arranged by the Receptionist after consultation with the appropriate Doctor.  It is important to indicate the type of medical you require so that the required amount of time is allocated to the appointment. The insurance company concerned generally pays fees for insurance medicals but other services listed are normally paid directly by the patient.

Costs for these services are available from Reception. We accept payment by card only.