Autism and ADHD Assessments

If you think you have signs of autism or ADHD and want to be referred for an assessment, please complete the appropriate self-assessment forms below.

If you think your child has signs of autism or ADHD, please read the advice below regarding the best route for them to be referred.

You will be able to complete and submit these forms directly from this website. On receipt of these forms, we will contact you to book an appointment with the GP, to discuss whether a referral is appropriate.

Waiting times for adult ADHD assessments may be in excess of one year. Waiting times for Adult Autism assessments may be in excess of five years.  Please see the information below regarding Private Assessments if that is an option you are considering because of these long wait times.

Adult Autism Assessment

Ahead of your appointment regarding an adult autism assessment referral, please complete and submit the following questionnaire.

Autism AQ-10 Questionnaire

Find further information and help in this NHS Autism guide

Adult ADHD Assessment

Ahead of your appointment for an adult ADHD assessment referral, we need both of the following questionnaires to be submitted.

Adult ADHD Self Questionnaire

Please ask your childhood Parent or Guardian to complete and submit the following based on when you were aged 6 to 12 years.

Parent/Guardian Questionnaire

Find further information and help in this NHS ADHD Overview

Child Autism/ADHD Assessments

It is generally better if your child’s school refers them to the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) who conduct these assessments. This is because CAMHS need quite specific information about these childrens’ behavioural problems and educational needs and the school is in the best position to supply this information. In the past we have found that our referrals have often been rejected as they don’t contain the information CAMHS require. 

We have taken advice from CAMHS and they agree that unless the child has significant medical issues and clinician involvement (such as multiple physical disabilities) the school is best placed to make these referrals. 

The most appropriate person at the school to make this referral is the Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCo). They will gather the appropriate information from your child’s teachers and know the kind of behaviours and educational problems that CAMHS are interested in, in order to consider which referrals need assessment. They are also more likely to have a referral accepted by CAMHS. Other teachers in the school can make these referrals, but in practice the school’s SENCo is the best placed person to make these referrals and will understand the process and the correct forms to use.

Find further information and help in this NHS Autism guide

Private Autism/ADHD Assessments

Due to the long waiting timings for these assessments, you may decide that you wish to have this assessment done privately.  We cannot provide any recommendations on which services to use. If seeking a private assessment, please note the following.

  • We may not be able to prescribe the medications a private organisation recommends.  Some of these medications are considered high risk drugs and so require a level of shared monitoring between the practice and the private organisation.  It is highly likely that would involve a requirement for you to attend an annual health assessment with the private provider which you would need to pay for.
  • There have been concerns raised over the quality of assessments by some providers and whilst we are not making any statement on the accuracy of this BBC report you may wish to consider its findings.