Referral Support Team

When you need to be seen by a specialist, we are committed to ensuring that whenever possible you receive a timely outpatient appointment at a provider of your choice.

To help you to make the most appropriate choice, we are working with a 'Referral Support Team' (previously known as Patient Choice Navigators).

After you have seen your GP and together you have agreed that you need to be referred for specialist treatment, we will forward your referral to the Referral Support Team at NHS Sussex who, using the NHS e-Referral System will help you to make an informed choice. In accordance with the NHS Constitution, you have the right to choose when and where you wish to be treated and in a timely manner.

Please contact the Referral Support Team approximately 10 days after seeing your GP so they can work with you to book your appointment.  Following discussion with you, the team will send your referral on to the hospital or community provider of your choice, who will then contact you to confirm your appointment.  If you do not make contact with the referral Support Team, they will try to contact you but if they are unsuccessful, an appointment may be booked for you and the details sent directly to you.

We will need to share your patient information with the team for them to be able to help you choose where you go for treatment and to book your appointment.  If you have any concerns or questions about your information being passed to them then please speak to the Practice Management. Information will only be shared when you have agreed with your GP that a referral is the best course of action.

To contact the Referral Support Team, please call 01903 708670.

Visit Innovations in Primary Care for more information about Referral Support.

Urgent two week wait referrals

The 'Two Week' appointment system was introduced so that any patient with symptoms that might indicate a serious condition could be seen by a specialist as quickly as possible.

If you have not been contacted by the hospital within one week of seeing your GP please telephone the hospital’s booking team on 01273 446067, Monday to Friday between 8:30 am and 4:30pm or visit University Hospitals Sussex

Orthopaedic, Musculoskeletal, Rheumatology, Pain clinic and Physiotherapy

The SCFT Coastal Sussex Integrated MSK Service (CSIMS) service provides a wide range of services and support for patients in West Sussex. If you have queries following a referral to this service by your GP, please contact Bognor Regis Triage - 01243 62384

Visit the NHS Sussex Community website


The Sussex Community Dermatology Service provides Consultant-led high quality skin care for patients in West Sussex. If you have queries following a referral to this service by your GP, please contact 01903 703270.

Visit the NHS Sussex Community Dermatology website